In this episode we get some good gennaker sailing in as we cruise further south along the Turkish coast stopping in at Gemiler, Yesilkoy and Kekova Roads. We explore the beautiful blue cave of Kekova and find the famous sunken city.

Let's Dance Sailing Story #52 - Sunken Cities

Let's Dance Sailing Story #50 - Best 50 Lira

We meet new friends in Marmaris, take on a jeep safari Turkish style and sail further south to Ekincik where we explore the Lycian Tombs of the Dalyan River.

Let's Dance Sailing Story #51 - Turkish Delights

Join us as we move further south along the coast of Turkey, meet new friends, enjoy beach BBQ's in amazing bays and explore ancient tombs.

Let's Dance Sailing Story #48 - Oops, No Visa

Let's Dance Sailing Story #49 - Never Ending Boat Chores

We climb into a volcano crater on the island of Nisyros before sailing to Symi to check out of Greece. Turkey, here we come......Oops, we forgot to apply for our visa.

As we sail the coast of Turkey the boat jobs begin to pile up, its time to set a few days aside and get stuck into the chores list. The cruiser's life is all about boat maintenance in exotic locations - they say!

Let's Dance Sailing Story #46 - Air Show At Sea

Let's Dance Sailing Story #47 - Wild Ride To Mykonos

Holy moly, we get buzzed by the Red Arrows with our own private air show in the middle of the Evia Channel, Greece.  Join us as we cruise to the Sporades Islands and check out Skiathos and Skopelos.

Join us as we hit some of the Os's, Alonissos, Skiros and Mykonos. Spoiler alert, if you get sea sick you might want to take some Stugeron before watching this one, it gets a little lumpy.

Check this out - we find a deserted communist fortress as we hike 18km from Kotor to Tivat, seriously one of the world's best hikes. We set sail for Greece and pick up an unexpected stowaway.

Let's Dance Sailing Story #44 - Unlikely Encounters

Let's Dance Sailing Story #45 - Winners Are Grinners

With two stowaways still aboard we cross from the Ionian to the Aegean Sea via the Corinth Canal and get some amazing dolphin action - we never get tired of that, check it out.

Season three begins as we get Let's Dance ready for the up coming summer. Join us as we haul out, clean, antifoul, service the engines and give her a good all over polish.

Let's Dance Sailing Story #42 - Season 3 Starts With A Setback

Let's Dance Sailing Story #43 - The Nephew Invasion

Summer is here and we are set to sail. Two of our nephews and their better halves drop in for the Let's Dance experience - lets go!

Let's Dance Sailing Story #40 - A Lesson in Diplomacy and Patience

Let's Dance Sailing Story #41 - Montenegro - Sailors in Winter Mode

Join us for our final cruise in Croatia. We get another life lesson in dealing with bureaucracy and we head south making our way toward our winter home - Porto Montenegro.

Join us for our final sail of the season. We head into Porto Montenegro and prepare for a long cold winter. We explore our new home and get to know the locals.

Let's Dance Sailing Story #38 - Lost Our Boat - Again

Let's Dance Sailing Story #39 - Bush Wedding, Boat Show and Big News

Join us as we hike to the Krka falls, get stuck in the middle of queue rage for the first time in years and turn our nose south in preparation for the end of the season.

A quick trip home for a wedding, a boat show and some big news.

Let's Dance Sailing Story #36 - Searching For Camping Gas

Let's Dance Sailing Story #37 - Croatia For Free

We venture north into Croatia, the land of the thrones. We have heard mixed reports about cruising these waters...cost, crowds, bureaucracy. Its late in the season and we are pleasantly surprised with what's on offer.

We go deeper into Croatia, navigate the Krka River and find some great free anchorages. That's right free in Croatia, it can be done.

Join us as we sail further north in the Adriatic Sea, navigate the amazing Bay of Kotor and drop anchor in arguably the prettiest country we have ever sailed in to - Montenegro.

Let's Dance Sailing Story #34 - Waterspouts And Waterways

Wow, wow, wow... can it get any better than this? We're not sure. We go deeper in to Montenegro, explore the ancient town of Kotor and are in awe of this entire region. To our fellow cruising friends... this place is a must.

Let's Dance Sailing Story #35 - Boat Stamps And Paper Trails

Sailing north from Corfu we set our course for Albania, a country opening up to the adventurous traveller. Sounds like us - let's go.

Let's Dance Sailing Story #32 - Hello Albania

We drop anchor in old minefield waters, get chased by the Albanian authorities and find ourselves some loyal guard dogs.

Let's Dance Sailing Story #33 - Albania Mania

Michael gets his footy finals fix with new friend Troy from 'Fly The Coop'. We say farewell to Al & Jen and we go to the rescue yet again.

Let's Dance Sailing Story #30 - Game Day            

Let's Dance Sailing Story #31 - Lumpy And Bumpy

We transit the Levkas Canal with a gazillion other boats and make our way to Corfu. A short stop over in Paxos due to rough seas was required!

Join us as we passage one of the great waterways of the world and explore the ancient city of Delphi - both amazing!

Let's Dance Sailing Story #28 - The Corinth Canal

Join us as we squeeze Let's Dance in to a medieval marina in Navpaktos and sail west under the amazing Rion suspension bridge.

Let's Dance Sailing Story #29 - Tight Squeeze     

Let's Dance Sailing Story #26 - Not Always Palm Trees And Pina Coladas

Let's Dance Sailing Story #27 - Many Happy Returns

We head south and take on the Peloponnisos, referred to as the Cape Horn of Greece.  A wild ride but worth it to discover places like Monemvasia.

We spend some family time in Aigina, Greece, before picking up some hitchhikers and going in search of a very special birthday location - whoops!

Argostoli our first port in Greece and a little gem. We share this port with Sailing YouTube Legends Riley and Elayna from La Vagabonde. It was great to catch up with these guys. We have been following their travels since the beginning.

Let's Dance Sailing Story #24 - Let's Dance Meets La Vagabonde

We head south in the Ionian Sea, explore the birthplace of the Olympic Games and discover some little-known Greek gems. A special shout out to subscribers Sylvia B and Rodney C for your patience, it took us a while to get this one out.

Let's Dance Sailing Story #25 - Greece Is The Word

Malta, a great place to cruise but its time for us to head back to Sicily and prepare for our crossing to Greece - join us for the ride.

Let's Dance Sailing Story #22 - Malta One Day, Sicily The Next

You can never get complacent out here. We set sail for Greece a two day, two night sail. All is going well until midnight on the second night.

Let's Dance Sailing Story #23 - Smooth Sailing Until !     

Let's Dance Sailing Story #20 - There She Blows

Let's Dance Sailing Story #21 - Thunderstruck

Wow - Stromboli you tick all the boxes. We stay an extra night so we can climb to the top of an active volcano. An experience we'll never forget.

Join us as we sail the Messina Strait to Malta, dodge a storm and discover funky Comino Island.

Let's Dance Sailing Story #18 - Ponza, Positano And Parasailing

We leave Rome, sail south along the coast of Italy and find ourselves in beautiful Positano.  Join us as we sail this spectacular coast line.

We continue down the Amalfi coast, do a day trip to the beautiful Ravello and find ourselves an active volcano in the Lipari islands.

Let's Dance Sailing Story #19 - Bonfire Heart                    

Join us as we leave the Maddalena Islands, head north to Corsica and battle our way into the beautiful Port of Bonifacio.

Let's Dance Sailing Story #16 - Eat, Drink And Be Merry

Let's Dance Sailing Story #17 - All Roads Lead To Road 

A cracking passage from Corsica to Italy, strong winds, great boat speed and of course some very energetic dolphins. We say sad farewells to Nadja & Neil.

Let's Dance Sailing Story #14 - Land Of The Four Moors

Let's Dance Sailing Story #15 - Where Are We

We begin our travels around Sardinia, Land of the Four Moors.  The winds are in our favour and we get to fly every sail in the toy box.

We continue our journey around Sardinia and get lost in the beautiful Maddalena Islands.

Let's Dance Sailing Story #12 - Abort Abort                       

With the Balearic Islands done, we prepare for our crossing to Sardinia - a two day, one night passage ... or is it!

Let's Dance Sailing Story #13 - Sardinia Crossing - Take Two

Join us as we make our second attempt to sail to Sardinia.  Calm seas, a fruitful catch and a successful passage.

Let's Dance Sailing Story #10 - That's How The Life Is

We sail to Ibiza with old friends and catch up with some of our new cruising family.  The singer makes an appearance and we get some great drone footage.

Let's Dance Sailing Story #11 - Gatecrashing Menorca

We sail on to Menorca, meet more amazing people who invite us into their lives and we celebrate a birthday in ABBA style.

Let's Dance Sailing Story #8 - Come Sailing, They Said

Nadja & Neil join us for the start of our 2017 sailing season - Morocco here we come.

Let's Dance Sailing Story #9 - Sailing For Dummies

We leave Morocco and head back into the Mediterranean.  Our new crew get to set every sail in our wardrobe and we feel the need ... the need for speed.

As summer comes to an end, we turn around and head back to Gibraltar - our winter home.

Let's Dance Sailing Story #6 - The Parasailor Comes Out To Play

Let's Dance Sailing Story #7 - Winter In The Brexit Outpost

Our first winter on board Let's Dance.  We settle into life in Gibraltar, climb the rock, hang with the locals and meet some lovely new friends.

Let's Dance Sailing Story #4 - Fair Winds and Foul

We continue sailing south down the coast of Portugal and around the corner into southern Spain.

Let's Dance Sailing Story #5 - Into The Mediterranean

We leave the Atlantic and head into the Mediterranean for some lazy summer days and a stowaway.

Let's Dance Sailing Story #2 - Where's The Bloody Gaff

Let's Dance Sailing Story #3 - Atlantic Spain

Our Bay of Biscay crossing.

Our journey along the Atlantic coast of Spain.

Let's Dance Sailing Story #1 - Casting Off

Part 1 of our adventure - Picking up our new catamaran in France and sailing her home to Australia.

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